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Breast cancer. You're too young to get it, right? Wrong.

Are you fit, healthy and looking after yourself? Do you drink? Do you like having a good time? Do you like to travel? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you exercise often? As a 27 year-old in 2013, my answer to all of those questions was, ‘yes’.  I felt great. I was in the best headspace of my life. I was on my OE and I had been living in London for 4 months. I'd been to 12 countries and had plenty more trips planned that year. I was working as a relief teacher in schools across the...

July 24, 2020

What support is needed when faced with a life-threatening cancer journey?

To help someone emotionally or in a practical wayTo hold something firmly or carry its weight, especially from below to stop it from fallingTo agree with and encourage someone because you want them to succeed...

July 24, 2020

Why communication with your people is key after a life-threatening diagnosis

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer was not something I ever thought would happen to me. Especially at age 27. Like any inconvenience in life the timing wasn’t great. I was on my OE in London, four months into a two-year visa.At diagnosis, I knew I would need support and would have to harness it in a way that was going to be life-giving. This would involve sharing my experience and being honest about everything that was happening. Communication was going to be key and I would have to be organ...

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